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 Euphoria V3.0
Posted by scooby - 10-16-06 21:31 - 0 comments
Recently Robert Craig, creator and proprietor of the Euphoria language has announced that v3.0 will soon be ready and that it will be given to the public as opensource!

Check out the official announcement HERE.

The details of the opensource EULA are still being worked out, but you can review the draft license Read 9341 times - make a comment   Print email

 Website Update
Posted by scooby - 10-28-04 19:39 - 0 comments
The Events Calendar has been enabled.

You can see see what events are coming up or have passed, by going to the Events section, to see the calendar.

To catch a glimpse of the 'upcoming events' and 'reminders', check the stats section at the bottom of the forums page.
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 Website Update
Posted by scooby - 10-27-04 05:52 - 0 comments
Added new sidebar links on the home page, for various sections of the forums.
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 Website Update
Posted by scooby - 10-26-04 21:59 - 0 comments
  • Merged the 'Website News', 'Website Suggestions' and 'Website Bugs' as subforums under a main 'Website Feedback' forum.
  • Merged the 'Euphoria FAQ', 'Euphoria Tips and Tricks', 'Euphoria Tutorials and Articles', 'The Unofficial Euphoria Wishlist' and 'Euphoria User Reviews' as subforums under a main 'Euphoria KNowledge Base' forum.
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 Website Update
Posted by scooby - 10-26-04 21:59 - 0 comments
Got rid of avatars in the articles that display on the Empire home page.
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 Euphoria 2.5 due Oct, 2004
Posted by scooby - 10-14-04 05:57 - 5 comments
Euphoria version 2.5 is scheduled for release in October of 2004. It's just a matter of days now.

Version 2.5 will introduce an entirely new front end for the Euphoria interpreter, written using Euphoria. Eu will now be written 30% in Euphoria (front end), and 70% in C (back end). This change will allow RDS to more easily make changes with less production time.

As well as a new front-end. RDS has rewritten the Euphoria to C translator in 100% Euphoria code.

This should mean that Rapid Deployment Software m more
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 Website update
Posted by scooby - 10-14-04 01:10 - 0 comments
  • Added a login box on the home page.
  • Moved the quick login to the top of the forum boards and made it the default login behaviour.
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 Empire has a new URL
Posted by scooby - 10-10-04 10:23 - 0 comments
The Empire site has been relocated to it's new url, where it will stay.

Please update your bookmarks, and any links you may have created to the old url.
Currently the old url redirects, but will change later.
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